Sunday, October 27, 2013


Blue skies have been a perfect backdrop to beautiful spring days in Sydney this month.  There is blue all around, we've found it up in the air  and out on the streets.

Justine's is on the left and Leanne's is on the right

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beginning a project

Welcome to two takes- the photographic collaboration of Justine & Leanne.

It's always hard to know how to begin a project, but we're just going to start.  
On one of our recent get togethers we were inspired by Louise Hawson's  52 suburbs around the world exhibition at the museum of Sydney, where she paired photographs to make beautiful diptychs.
As we were both looking for a project, we thought it would be fun (and challenging) to collaborate & create some diptychs of our own. 
Each week, on a Sunday, we'll be posting a diptych- one photo from Justine & one from Leanne. 

This week we made a trip together to Hyde park in Sydney. We swapped a few photos & put them together. Colour will be our theme for the next month, so we begin with yellow. 
Ordinarily we'll just post one photo, but because it's the beginning we've created one each.

Top photo: Justine- Leanne's is on the left & Justine's is on the right
    Bottom photo: Leanne- Justine's is on the left & Leanne's is on the right