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Hi, we're Justine and Leanne

We met through our blogs a year or two ago and realised we had a few connections- we love labradors, Sydney and taking photos.

Justine is in the process of moving to Sydney from London, and Leanne lives in Sydney, so in the last few months we've had the chance to meet a couple of times in real life. It's been lovely. On one of our recent get togethers we were inspired by Louise Hawson's 52 suburbs. We loved the way she pairs photographs to make beautiful diptychs. We thought it would be fun (and challenging) to collaborate on a diptych project.

Our plan is to alternately post a diptych, one week Leanne, the next Justine. 
Each diptych will have a photo from each of us - Justine's will  be from either London or Sydney  and Leanne's will be from Sydney. 

We are thinking that each month we'll have a theme, starting with colour because we suspect that will be the easiest.  We'll work out the rest as we go.  Read here for our very first blog post.

Thanks for joining us as we play with diptychs. 

UPDATE: we've just posted a new project for 2017 after a bit of a break. We'll be posting a grid of 4 photos once a month or so....

Justine and Leanne 

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