Sunday, December 1, 2013


For December we are looking at the theme of mornings. How do you start your day? do you take an early morning walk and watch the light through the trees or do you prefer sourdough toast and orange juice with a walk after breakfast?

Leanne's is on the left and Justine's is on the right


  1. I start my day with my exercise routine - stretching followed by a walk on the treadmill while I catch up on my favorite TV shows. I like doing that first thing and having it done with. I like the sound of both your options as well - love the repetition of the orange fruit in each shot.

  2. Loving both of these photos.. I am the worst at eating anything in the morning. So usually I have a cup of coffee and then to our morning walk..


  3. Wonderful contrast here with the two images, I have to start my day with coffee, reading of my feedly blogs, then oatmeal with fresh fruit, then exercise. Need fuel before I exercise.

  4. Both look like a wonderful start into the morning. During winter I find it hard to get up in the morning, so I'm always a bit late, which leaves no real morning routine before heading off to work, but usually I have some fresh fruit.