Sunday, December 7, 2014

The festive season

 We  have a rule in our house that we don't put up Christmas decorations in the house until the beginning of December, even though the shops begin the sale of trees, tinsel & baubles as early as October. 
Well, December is here so Two Takes will be full of festive cheer for the next few weeks.  We begin with a reminder to focus on love, peace & joy {in what can sometimes be a very busy  &  stressful time of the year}.

When do you put up your decorations? Do you enjoy the festive season?

Leanne's is on the left and Justine's is on the right

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  1. Welcome to December and the official start to the holiday season! Normally, I decorate the house the weekend after Thanksgiving but this year things went up in early November because of my son's wedding in Texas and the hometown reception here in Ohio the following weekend. I am enjoying the extra bit of time with all the holiday sparkle. Love these images and the simplicity of the kraft paper.